Implementation Teams

What are the implementation teams?

Once project proposals are selected through the community voting process, implementation teams are formed to ensure that projects are completed as planned. At least one member of the action team responsible for developing the original proposal serves as the team coordinator. The team coordinator, supported by the steering committee, recruits community members to work alongside city officials to carry the proposal through completion. ​​

How can I get involved?

Reach out to the implementation team coordinator for the project you would like to get involved in! Provide feedback, attend meetings, participate in implementation events, etc.

Year One Implementation

Team Coordinators

Implementation Update (last updated 3/14/18)

  • Paint the City - The Project Team has laid out a plan to work with Hartford’s 14 NRZs to choose topics and locations for each of the 14 murals (one in each NRZ) and to hire local artists. They have also consulted with City staff on technical details. The Team is currently searching for locations.  

  • Community Gardens - The Team has drafted, and submitted to the Redevelopment Agency, a detailed project description for the garden to be located in Ramon Quiros Park, which is owned and must be approved by the Agency.  The Agency will consider the project at their January 12th meeting. The Team is working with Board of Education  staff to finalize the location of the garden at Hartford Public High School.

  • Senior Center Security Improvements - The Team is working with staff of Public Works, Health & Human Services, Vulcan Security, and Senior Center Directors to arrange for installation of new security systems at North End and South End Senior Centers. A meeting with senior center members to brief them on progress is scheduled for January 13.

  • Park Lighting - The Team is reviewing the scope of services drafted by Public Works staff. Once the scope is finalized, it will be circulated to the City’s on-call design firms so that a consultant can be hired for the design phase of the project.