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Promoting Participatory Budgeting in the City of Hartford

Hartford Decide$ Upcoming Brainstorming Events

  • Tuesday, February 6, 4:00-6:00pm at Park St. Library 603 Park St.

  • Saturday, February 10, 10:00am-Noon at Park St. Library 603 Park St.

  • Saturday, February 17, Noon-2:00pm at Parker Memorial 2621 Main St.

  • Tuesday, February 20, 4:00-6:00pm at Albany Ave. Library 1250 Albany Ave.

  • Saturday, February 24, 12:30-2:30pm at Albany Ave. Library 1250 Albany Ave.

Submit an idea for 2024

The City of Hartford has allocated


hartford youth helping with implementing a project.jpg


1st Place / 1er Lugar:

Basketball Court Revitalization for Students at S.A.N.D.
~ ~ ~

La Revitalización de las Canchas de Baloncesto para Los Estudiantes de S.A.N.D.

HartfordDecide$-Project Summary 2022-Solar Charging Stations for Digital Devices-1.jpg

2nd Place / 2do Lugar:

Help Naylor Elementary Students Score Goals

~ ~

Ayudemos los Estudiantes de Naylor Alcanzar sus Metas


Screenshot 2023-01-28 at 7.29.00 PM.png

To be eligible for consideration, the idea and the subsequent project must meet ALL of the following criteria:

What kinds of project ideas can be funded?

  1. It will construct, expand, modify, rehabilitate, or purchase equipment for a City-owned space or place.

  2. It will benefit the residents of Hartford.

  3. It will have a useful life of at least 5 years.

  4. It will address a community need or problem.

  5. It is a new project and not part of any City project already in development.

  6. It can be implemented by the City of Hartford.

  7. It is estimated to cost between $20,000 and $75,000


Eligible Project Examples:

  • Creating a community garden on City-owned land
  • Installing new playground equipment
  • Renovating a portion of a park
  • Adding art gallery space to a library
  • Building a baseball field on school grounds

Ineligible Project Examples:

  • Paying for the salary of a public employee or a contract with a non-profit to provide services.
  • Repairing a privately owned building.
  • Helping an organization renovate space that it rents from a private landlord.
  • Helping a religious institution repair its sanctuary.
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