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Winning Projects: Year 3

Thanks to all who participated in the Hartford Decide$ vote that ended on June 27, 2020. 

We had eight amazing projects on the ballot.


Small Green Plants

1st Place: $25,000

Keney Park Fitness Trail

Solar Operations

2nd Place: $20,000

Urban Thinkscapes

People Planting Trees

3rd Place: $10,142

Bushnell Park Ice Rink Enhancements


Keney Park Fitness Trail

This project was developed by Hartford high school students to install equipment for 12-14 exercise stations and create a fitness trail in Keney Park along the interior park road beginning at the Pool and ending at the West Meadow trail. Each fitness station offers a different type of activity or exercise such as a rowing machine, an elliptical cross trainer, butterfly, parallel bars, and others.

Urban Thinkscapes

This project will install Playful Learning Spaces at two neighborhood branches of the Hartford Public Library: Albany (Upper Albany) and Camp Field (South End) branches. These installations will be based on proven play-based methods, tailored to the needs and culture of each neighborhood. Guided forms of play can help children to develop specific targeted skills in areas such as math, literacy, spatial awareness, and language. This will help improve learning outcomes for them, especially if these installations are coordinated with and support the school curriculum. These installations may be indoors or outdoors.

Bushnell Park Ice Rink Enhancements

This project was developed by Hartford high school students. Ten penquin skating aids will be purchased to help new skaters or those with physical limitations learn to skate. Two outdoor igloos will be purchased to provide a comfortable place for skaters and families and friends to rest and warm up.