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Winning Projects: Year 1

In Year One of Hartford Decide$ (July 2015 through April 2016), Hartford residents decided how to spend $1,250,000 in City Capital Improvement funds, allocated by the Hartford Court of Common Council. Project ideas were formed through a series of community brainstorming meetings and on-line engagements. Volunteers participated in Action Teams, with help from City Staff, to determine which ideas would be developed into project proposals. The final project proposals were placed on the ballot for voting by Hartford residents in March of 2016.
The Hartford Decide$ process involved a series of meetings, volunteer work, and decisions that fed into the City's annual budget cycle. Project decisions were included in the Mayor's "Recommended Capital Budget for Fiscal Year  2016-17."


Small Green Plants

1st Place: $122,800

Paint the

Solar Operations

2nd Place: $60,000

Community Gardens

People Planting Trees

3rd Place: $159,253

Cameras for Safety at
Senior Centers

People Planting Trees

4th Place: $407,949

Park Lighting

Paint The City

Ultimately 10 City-owned properties were painted with a diverse mixture of murals by 10 local artists in Hartford neighborhoods.  These murals have become sources of renewal and inspiration for the community.  All the residents of the City of Hartford benefit from taking part in this project, creating a new, positive visual narrative for the City. 

Hartford Community Gardens

One community garden was created at Hartford Public High School on 55 Forest St. and a second was built at Ramon Quiros Park located at 380-406 Hudson St.  Students at HPHS and residents near Ramon Quiros Park benefit from having the experience of growing their own food and the improvement in their nutrition from eating fresh garden produce for just the cost of seeds.

Cameras for Safety at Senior Centers

The security systems for the North End Senior Center at 80 Coventry Street and the Hartford & South End Wellness Senior Center at 830 Maple Avenue were upgraded with Vulcan Security products, including perimeter-surveillance cameras, electronic access control, main and rear entry components, and an anti-intrusion system. Patrons and visitors to these senior centers are now better protected against injury, theft, and other threats to individuals and City assets, ensuring stability and continuity of services.