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Winning Projects: Year 5

Thanks to all who participated in the Hartford Decide$ vote that ended on June 29, 2022.  We had six amazing projects on the ballot.


Small Green Plants

1st Place: $25,000

Hydroponic “Little Living Pantry”

Solar Operations

2nd Place: $21,000

Solar Panels to Charge Digital Devices in Parks

People Planting Trees

3rd Place: $10,142

Tree Plantings
for Schools


Hydroponic “Little Living Pantry”

Located at 411 Garden St. (the corner of Garden and Mather), this project will bring garden-fresh, free produce to the North End. The environmental impact is positive, since a hydroponic system uses significantly less water than traditional agriculture. This abandoned lot will be transformed into a visually attractive space and the upkeep by “North End Little Pantries” will be easier than with a traditional garden.

Solar Panels to Charge Digital
Devices in Parks

These solar-powered charging stations, each with 6 USB ports, will be installed in five parks: George H. Day Playground on Arbor/Orange Streets, Keney Park, Brackett Park (outside Parker Memorial Community Center), Bushnell Park, and Colt Park.

Tree Plantings for Schools

Knox Parks will plant 16 shade trees and 5 fruit trees allocated among 3 Hartford Public Schools: Burns Latino Studies Academy, Hartford Public High School and Bulkeley High School – North Campus.  These schools were identified by Jack Hale, Chairman of the Hartford Tree Advisory Commission, as needing new tree plantings. Each of these trees comes with a 3-year warranty.